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Jesus Christ Superstar

Я давно знал, что есть другое исполнение, но сегодня наконец-то прослушал)))
Но не классическое 1970 года:

Vocals [Annas] – Brian Keith
Vocals [Caiaphas, High Priest] – Victor Brox
Vocals [Jesus Christ] – Ian Gillan
Vocals [Judas Iscariot] – Murray Head
Vocals [King Herod] – Mike D'Abo
Vocals [Maid By The Fire] – Annette Brox
Vocals [Mary Magdalene] – Yvonne Elliman
Vocals [Peter] – Paul Davis
Vocals [Pontius Pilate] – Barry Dennen
Vocals [Priest] – Paul Raven
Vocals [Simon Zealotes] – John Gustafson

А вот другое 1973 года:

Vocals [Annas] – Kurt Yaghjian
Vocals [Caiaphas] – Bob Bingham
Vocals [Jesus Christ] – Ted Neeley
Vocals [Judas Iscariot] – Carl Anderson
Vocals [King Herod] – Joshua Mostel
Vocals [Mary Magdalene] – Yvonne Elliman
Vocals [Pontius Pilate] – Barry Dennen
Vocals [Simon Zealotes] – Larry T. Marshall
Written-By [Book] – Tim Rice
Written-By [Screenplay] – Melvyn Bragg, Norman Jewison

73-год совершннно другой. Ответ лучше-хуже не знаю)))
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